About Dr. Sudeshna Dasgupta

Hello! I am a holistic integrative physician and have been practicing this way for 13 years. I
trained in Pediatrics in Kolkata, India and did 2 years of training there, following which I came to the US and did a 3-year residency in Pediatrics. I am board-certified in both Pediatrics and Holistic Integrative Medicine. I also have a Masters in Public Health, in the field of Maternal and Child Health. In addition, I am certified in the practice of therapeutic sound.

Prevention and good nutrition were concepts that were brought home to me during my
Pediatric house-staffship training in India, where I realized very quickly that children were
suffering the ill effects of diseases like measles or infectious diarrhea, mostly because they were undernourished and had poor reserves of nutrients such as vitamin A. I saw children come in to the hospital with diarrhea and have cloudy eyes the next day because their vitamin A reserves were so low. Although this was not taught specifically in medical school, at the end of my training it was very clear to me that the outcome of many diseases could be improved by good nutrition.

I became interested in integrative medicine when I developed chronic health issues in my
thirties, including debilitating fatigue. Chronic fatigue and/ or adrenal exhaustion were not well recognized as legitimate conditions in those days and patients’ concerns were often written off or dismissed. I started exploring alternative approaches to healing and discovered mind-body approaches, nutritional supplements and energy healing: all of which helped me tremendously. Autism began to explode around this time as well. As I explored holistic approaches I became more interested in helping children with autism.

Today, my practice focus continues to be focused on good nutrition! I am practicing Integrative Medicine for Mental Health and also seeing patients with chronic fatigue, digestive issues, and allergic disorders. And lastly, my experience with therapeutic sound has taught me the power of the human voice: this is an area I am currently exploring further and would like to start offering sessions on breath and voice in the near future.