What is Rhythm, Rhidoy, and Resonance?

Who among us has not found themselves tapping their feet or moving their bodies in response to drum beats or a catchy melody? Rhythm is inherent in us; we are rhythmic beings by nature. Rhythm lies at the very heart or core of our existence. We are both surrounded by rhythm and immersed in it. We are dancing simultaneously to our inner and outer rhythms. The beating of our hearts, the rise and fall of each breath we take, even our hormones operate according to rhythm, as in the circadian rhythm of cortisol, which is tuned to the rhythm of night and day. There is rhythm even at the cellular level, as in the regular puffing of nitric oxide, each puff relaxing the cell.

And as we look to the outer world, we see larger and larger rhythms or cycles in nature, to which we are also connected. Sunrise and sunset, the ebb and flow of the tide, the waxing and waning of the moon, the coming and going of the seasons….

So how do we define rhythm? Rhythm is about moving away from and returning back to center, an expansion and contraction occurring in a regular repetitive pattern. Rhythm implies flow, balance, harmony. There is a soothing or calming element to slow rhythms, such as when we rock, hum to, or sing a baby to sleep. Picture a child swinging on a swing. Imagine the sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore and retreating, again and again.

Good health is synonymous with being in sync with inner and outer rhythms. When we are in rhythm, everything flows; there is a balance to the day.

What causes us to lose our rhythm, get off-center, off balance? A frenzied, fast pace of life, leading us to ignore body signals, working long hours, poor quality sleep, poor lifestyle habits, poor diet and eating habits, little relaxation or outdoor time, sedentary indoor lifestyles, social isolation, long hours of screen time. These are just a few examples. All of these lead to physiological stress. In addition, there are many causes of acute stress, chronic stress and trauma that can disturb our inner rhythms.


  Rhidoy is a Bengali word, meaning “heart”. We know about the heart’s rhythm, and we are beginning to learn more about the amazing electromagnetic field generated by the heart as well as the heart’s wisdom. When we tune in and honor the flashes of wisdom, insight and inspiration that come from our heart and light us up, we are listening to the whispers of our soul.


    Very simply put, resonance occurs when two objects vibrate at the same amplitude.

As we move through life, we are often following what has been laid out for us, societal roles we are expected to step into. And sometimes, the pace of our lives become hectic as we try to fulfil all these roles. The whispers of the soul can become muffled or silent as a result. Learning to tune in again to our inner rhythms, in concert with the rhythms of nature brings us back into the flow. And paying attention to the whispers of our soul brings the heart in resonance with the soul, thus aligning heart and mind, and allowing us to fully embody the beauty, uniqueness and creativity that our soul longs to brings forth.

During our journey together, as we look at ways of correcting imbalances in the body, by calming inflammation, restoring gut health and promoting detoxification, I invite you to also explore the themes of rhythm, rhidoy and resonance, seemingly invisible threads that weave mind body and spirit together.